AKRI specialises in the study and analysis of human knowledge.

That is: the knowledge which people need to know in order to do things, achieve goals, develop ideas and more.
If you are a person: you might find it interesting to think about what you know and how you know things.

If you are a manager:
you might like to know what the people you manage need to know in order to do their work.

If you are a problem solver:
you might find it rewarding to look at problems from a knowledge perspective.

If you are facing obstacles:
you might like to think about what knowledge is needed in order to overcome them.

If you have problems: you might benefit from taking as much care over the questions as you will over answers.
AKRI has a method and considerable experience in studying and analysing human knowledge and in creating benefit from knowing about what people need to know.
AKRI Ltd: UK Registered Company since 2005