AKRI Sister Sites

AKRI has two sister web sites. These sites are not part of AKRI (the business) and are not intended to make any profit. The sites are purely provided for information. The aim of each web site is briefly stated below and clicking on the image will open up that site in a new browser tab.
akri.org is intended to provide information about knowledge, intelligence (including artificial intelligence), thinking and also about research work associated with AKRI. It is a general site in that it contains other comment and summary information about human memory, learning, philosophy etc.
www.twwk.org is a short name for - The Way We Know. you can also access this site using the url www.TheWayWeKnow.org or even .com.
The focus of the site is that of encouraging people to learn and to do things in order to learn. The web site makes use of links to many other resources which others have provided in order to give the user of twwk as much help as possible.
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