About Knowledge

AKRI focuses on human knowledge. In this context, human knowledge means the things that PEOPLE know. Machine knowledge, records, information, data are all very important but this is about the knowledge held by people.
There is a lot of information about knowledge. Knowledge based systems, knowledge management, knowledge services knowledge (whatever you like goes here). I even had a running joke with a colleague many years ago, where we invented terms to go after knowledge (as seemed to be the fashion at the time) and I proposed Knowledge Pump. Whilst it created some amusement, this was short lived as the term actually appeared in the knowledge literature a few months later.

Such terms were designed to make knowledge services stand out and look attractive. However, they also caused confusion since their definitions were typically not clear and they had a very short shelf life.
If you are to invest time, effort and money in knowledge (which is hardly a bad thing to do) then you should want to know that there is a good chance of gaining some benefit from that effort.

It is without doubt that knowledge is a very important asset to nearly all organisations. This includes businesses, charities, government, social and medical services, the law and more besides. So, whilst there is confusion from time to time, not least in the definition of knowledge itself, knowing about this critical asset is worthwhile.
There are many people and organisations offering good quality services concerning the knowledge resource. I like to think that AKRI is one of these.
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