AKRI Experience

I am the founder and MD of AKRI Ltd. I started thinking about human knowledge in a formal way when doing a PhD with an AI focus. I worked in a College in a business and industry liaison role focusing on Machine Intelligence and later Knowledge Based Systems and Knowledge Management. Working with many people from both very large and very small companies I was able to see how machine intelligence, Knowledge Based Systems and Knowledge Management was seen and used by people in those organisations.
The method is now well suited to human knowledge and the software tool offers services which have been designed in response to feedback and stated requirements in commercial projects. Both method and software tool are well tested and mature.
In 2005, I established AKRI Ltd for the sole purpose of developing and applying Knowledge Structure Mapping and delivering benefit through a better understanding of the knowledge which human experts could bring to bear on critical tasks. Since then, the method and a new supporting software tool have matured by responding to the demands of commercial projects in UK industry.
With the help of many people from many organisations we were able to develop an approach to Knowledge Management which was directly about human knowledge and how managers could manage it for benefit and reward. Research work focused on developing approaches and trials in industry on tasks with potential business benefit. The first trial of something which could later mature into Knowledge Structure Mapping was carried out at BAE Systems and focused on a critical manufacturing area.
AKRI Ltd: UK Registered Company since 2005